Trading Solutions

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company offers a wide range of FIX products and services, including Solutions for Direct Exchange Access available from a single vendor: 


The fastest, most comprehensive and feature rich FIX reference source.



An application server providing FIX connectivity to multiple clients.


FIX Antennas

The fastest multiplatform FIX Engines available on the market.


Market Data Solutions

Allow sending subscription to one or multiple instruments and support all the features of various Market Data feeds ( FIX, FIX/FAST or native API-based).



FIX Reporting Solution

Allows creating a trade reporting connector to FIX protocol based TRFs. Trading systems can integrate this connector to implement MIFID and Reg NMS compliant practices.

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FIX Testing and Certification

Allows sell-side and buy-side firms to quickly and easily detect and solve a full range of problems related to violations of the FIX protocol specification and of application level conventions.


FIX Trade Capture Solution

Allows subscribing for trade capture from various Trade Capture sources.


FIX Log Analyzers

FIX Eye and FIX Grep are the next generation forensic tools for analyzing FIX logs.


FIX Trade Drop Copy Solution

Allows receiving drop copy of trades from various Drop Copy venues.