EPAM provides pre-certified connectivity solutions for direct access to the CSM (Streaming Markets), CMi2 (Order Routing) and FIX OrderEntry Interfaces of Chicago Board Options Exchange.

CBOE Direct Access 

CMi2 Order Routing engine

B2BITS CMi2 Order Routing engine is a low latency solution specifically designed and preconfigured to fully support the CMi2 Order Routing interface of the CBOE Command trading system and have the following features:

  • Connects and maintains connection to the CMi2 Order Routing interface of CBOE Command via TCP/IP
  • Supports all the features of the CBOE Command trading system for order routing and market making, including mass quoting, product information retrieval, and status updates
  • Provides the ability to define and trade multiple leg instruments, such as options strategies and futures calendar spreads
  • Supports GMD Acknowledgement of reports for an order or quote after a trade
  • Provides the ability to enable a Quote Risk Monitoring (QRM) functionality and set quote risk controls.
  • Allows subscription to Auction notifications
  • Allows product downloading for trading session or for class (options, futures, strategy, equity) traded at CBOE
  • The latency is under a microsecond between creating an order and sending it to the socket, and from the socket to call-back while getting a message
  • Provides a flexible C++ API to receive rate information, market maker trade notifications and all strategy related messages

CSM Market Data

B2BITS CSM Market Data Adaptor is a connectivity solution for receiving market quotes, orders and trades data from CBOE Streaming Markets feed, with the following features:.

  • Connects and maintains connection to the CSM feed via UDP
  • Provides the user with current market and ticker data available at CSM (quotes, best limit volume, ticker data, security definitions)
  • Automatically arbitrates between primary A and secondary B data feeds
  • Supports a CBOE data recovery mechanism
  • Provides the ability to load CBOE XML-based templates
  • Provides a flexible C++ API to get the entire CBOE, CFE, CBSX, ONE, and CBOE2 product set.

FIX Order Entry

FIX Order Entry engine based on the FIX Antenna® library or FIXEdge® application server provides access to CBOE direct to enable trading in all major asset classes - options, futures, options of futures and equities on a single platform and has the following features:

  • Connects and maintains connection to the CBOE FIX Interface via TCP/IP
  • Fully supports CBOE FIX Order Entry Interface workflow
  • Supports CBOE FIX 4.2. and 4.4. dictionaries
  • Supplied as a library (.dll/.so) with a user-friendly, intuitive ANSI C++ / .NET / Java public interface or as a standalone application
  • High performance/Low latency: in C++ implementation deliveries over 60,000 messages per second on a single CPU and adds up to 16 microseconds' latency on 100 Mbps network with persistence and 6microseconds' latency on 100 Mbps network without persistence.
  • Equipped with rich UI simplifying configuration and maintenance as well as allowing monitoring session statuses and parameters in real-time on desktop app or web browser.

The deployment of this solution will provide the following benefits:

  • Pre-certified with CBOE
  • Quick start and benchmark samples assuring prompt familiarizing with the software
  • Re-use of a proven and certified technology with direct market access
  • Reduced time to market and cost of implementation & operation
  • Lower technical risk for support and maintenance
  • 24x7 support provided worldwide
  • Option to have solution customized to end-user specifics and requirements
  • Availability of "on-demand" software escrow