FIXICC H2 is a new generation FIX Integrated Control Center application available via a web browser. It is designed to administer, configure and monitor the FIXEDGE line of products, including standalone FIX engines and clusters of FIX engines.

FIXICC H2 services FIX engines requests to get a session configuration and rules for messages processing, sends commands and receives information via the REST API for FIXEDGE control. The tool uses a database to store and manage FIX session configurations and schedules.

FIXICC H2 is extendible and customizable:

  • designed to work with ODBC compliant database management systems;
  • relies on Service Discovery to find and monitor servers and their health;
  • allows customizing the UI theme.


  • Presentation and User Interface:
    • ability to view multiple sessions in one window (table view)
    • ability to view critical events in the always on widget
    • ability to browse FIX message logs and search for messages
    • configurable set of monitorable parameters (ability to choose and reorder required columns either in table view or in a list of attributes for a list view)
    • color indication for session and server state
  • Monitoring:
    • multiple servers
    • server status
    • session statuses in real time
    • notifications for status changes
    • notifications from applications, alert messages
    • session statistics and parameters
    • the actual FIX session configuration and dynamic state 
    • FIX session and transport adapters statuses in real time
  • Control:
    • start a session
    • stop a session
    • restart a working session
    • change session configuration
    • change/reset sequence numbers for a session
    • send Heartbeat, Test Request, Resend Request or any custom message to a session
    • switch a session from backup to primary
    • send any custom  message to a session
  • Configuring:
    • create and delete server configuration
    • edit server parameters
    • create, delete session configuration
    • edit session parameters
    • configure notifications for events such as session/server state changes
    • configure a set of monitorable parameters
    • schedule session's start and stop time
    • configure XML business rules configuration and apply it on FIXEDGE C++ on the fly
    • schedule the sessions
    • Managing java scripts for business rules
    • Ability to configure and work with the LDAP server
    • View FIX logs
  • Hardware:
    • physical or virtual server with:
    • 2 core CPU
    • 2Gb RAM
    • 40G storage

FIXICC H2 is included as a standard component in the FIXEdge package.