The new implementations of order management and execution management platforms coming to the market are typically equipped with the FIX communication layer. FIX on-boarding services cater for the need to accept clients for trading on these platforms.

EPAM B2BITS has been providing FIX on-boarding services to Capital Markets industry players for over a decade and today our world-class experts continue to deliver a comprehensive and mature set of services backed with high-end automation tools and connectivity solutions to trading firms, brokerages, clearing houses, and exchanges.

Different FIX systems may have slightly different FIX public interfaces or FIX interpretations even if they use the same FIX version. Different FIX Engines can also have some specific behavior, especially in cases where more than one interpretation of the FIX protocol is possible. Therefore, FIX protocol customization, special platform configuration, and certification may need to be implemented before clients can start trading.

EPAM B2BITS offers FIX on-boarding services and relevant automation tools to expedite this process. 

Our FIX on-boarding services include:

  • Fully automated on-boarding workflow process;
  • Development of public FIX interfaces specification and rules of engagement where required;
  • Support provided by highly qualified quality assurance specialists;
  • Option to outsource to fully managed services offshore. 

We provide the following tools to facilitate the FIX on-boarding process:

Our FIX on-boarding services have been successfully utilized by some of the biggest investment banks, exchanges and brokerage houses.