FIXEye and FIXGrep are powerful next generation FIX log analyzers. These utilities are the result of many years of experience in FIX support. These log browsers go beyond traditional parsers and are equipped with full knowledge of FIX objects and their state management.

FIXEye generates alerts based on complex, user-specified search conditions in real time. For example, an alert can be generated when an order takes longer than X milliseconds to be received.  Another fundamentally important feature of both the FIXEye and FIXGrep tools is the ability to identify the last state of a specific order or all orders.

More information about these features can be found in our "FIXEye, Getting Started" guide. A short introduction video to FIX tools, including FIXEye, can be found here.

FIXEye is a .NET GUI utility available for Windows
FIX Log Analyser FIX Eye
FIXGrep is a console utility available for Windows & Linux
FIX Log Analyzer FIXGrep


  • Reading FIX messages from log files
    • Extracts raw FIX messages from file of any format, including QuickFIX format
    • Compatible with archived (zip) files
    • Works with files over the network
    • Does not block a file when reading
    • Can access files on a remote machine via TCP/IP (requires having FIXEye Agent installed on that machine)
    • FIXEye Agent can work in the Windows and Linux environment
    • Individual dictionaries can be defined for the different log files
    • Works with pipe symbols '|' as delimiters
    • Ignores the newline symbols in messages
  • Searching for data
    • "Show all messages" button
    • Performs context search
    • FIX-gnostic search i.e. knows that "35=D" means "MsgType=New Order - Single"
    • Supports language used by a basic search engine
      • Search for words (new order single)
      • Search for an exact phrase ("new order - single")
      • Search for all words (+new +order +single)
    • Searches by tags and regular expression
    • Searches across multiple files
  • Analyzing messages
    • Contains a 'Message Details' panel with all fields and values explained
    • Validates messages
    • Supports non-standard FIX dialects, including QuickFIX format
    • Extracts a session list from messages and shows it on a separate panel
    • Compares messages tag by tag with the option to exclude tags from the comparison
    • Compares files, allowing a specified list of tags to be excluded from the comparison, showing only the messages that differ
  • Filters
    • List of pre-created filters to show specific messages e.g. only messages related to trade or only session level messages, etc.
    • Ability to create user-defined filters
    • Quick filters (Excel style data filters in grid)
    • Enable/disable files
    • Enable/disable sessions
  • Reconstructing a business scenario
    • Build order backtrace (order history)
    • Build session back-trace, guess on terminations and recovery
    • Order blotter - shows all found orders in their final state
  • Interoperability
    • Ability to select multiple cells in a grid
    • Ability to select unlinked regions
    • Copy & Paste
    • Export to CSV
    • Ability to create screenshots
  • Real-time monitoring
    • Supports multiple watches to monitor logs in real time
    • Message appears in watch windows as soon as it appears in the file
    • Polling interval is customizable
    • Basic functionality: Start, Stop, Pause, Auto scroll, Clear
    • Notification appears on the task bar when a new message arrives
    • Supports wildcards in file names
    • Periodically checks for new log files in the directory(ies) and begins monitoring them
    • Supports multiple watches to monitor sessions in real time
    • Notifies when a session state is changed
    • Customizable heartbeat interval
  • Events and alerts
    • Notifies when a session state is changed
    • Notifies when the order acknowledge time is greater than some specified value
  • Usability
    • Rich and powerful .NET WinForms GUI
    • Multiple tabs
    • Docking panels
    • Sorting
    • Show/Hide columns
    • GoTo Column
    • Coloring and conditional formatting
    • Set of pre-created views
    • Ability to create user-defined view
  • Integration with Windows Shell
    • Association with specific extension (optional, can be configured during installation)

FIXEye Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition of FIXEye allows a user to search and monitor FIX logs across an unlimited number of machines by deploying FIX agents. Searches are performed upon receiving commands from FIXEye.

FIX Log Analyser FIX Eye enterprise edition

To buy the Enterprise version of FIXEye, contact us at