We have developed an in-depth understanding of Capital Markets globally and have experience in all aspects of pre-trade, trade and post trade workflows.

Business rationalization:

  • Development of vision documents based on deep expertise gained in projects for the clients in the US, Europe, and emerging markets
  • Assessment of the current level of efficiency of operations
  • Assembling business requirements and development of project documentation
  • Consulting on regulatory changes (including MiFIR and MiFID II)

Technology rationalization:

  • Vision document development
  • Existing infrastructure performance study
  • Existing infrastructure fault tolerance and reliability study
  • IT effort cost study
  • Development of a technology change proposal based on business requirements and results of the studies

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Market data
  • OMS for equities, FX, fixed income, derivatives
  • Exchanges equities, fixed income, FX
  • Risk management
  • Electronic trading
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Clients connectivity
  • General workflow of trading life cycle
  • Market structure in US and Europe
  • Compliance and regulation in US and Europe (including MiFIR and MiFID II)
  • Trade capture, clearing and settlement operations
  • Asset management
  • Securities reference data management
  • Research data base management
  • Collateral management system
  • Settlement operations automation
OMS Lite
This suite of products enables you as a broker/ dealer or institution to purchase an all-in-one solution to your electronic trading needs.
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FIX-compliant Dark Pool for Options
An alternative trading system (ATS) to trade US equity and index options.
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FIX-compliant Futures and Options Exchange Platform
Is used for trading exchanges, alternative trading systems, multilateral trading facilities, dark pools and internalization engines for many asset classes.
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FIX-to-Exchange Framework
FIX compliant layer between a proprietary exchange API and the FIX protocol based world.
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