Lucera Financial Infrastructures, a privately held, New York based firm launched with initial backing from Cantor Fitzgerald in 2013, offers on-demand, purpose-built infrastructure, delivering high performance computing (HPC) and low-latency software-defined networking (SDN). Today, Lucera runs on 17,000 miles of the fastest, divergent, transcontinental fiber and is collocated in Equinix data-centers in New York, London and Chicago.


Having developed one of the fastest trading network infrastructures, Lucera was looking for robust exchange-connectivity software with minimal latency. They had also created a Smart Order Routing platform, which needed to be powered by a FIX engine. After reviewing numerous products on the market, they chose EPAM to provide a FIX server addressing the following requirements: 

  • To aggregate market data from dozen of sources to make an intelligent decision based on the customer-defined strategy on where to route FX orders.
  • To process hundreds of thousands of events in the shortest possible time, i.e., reacting to events by generating replies/sending orders in under five microseconds.
  • To monitor and configure clients and exchange connectivity.


Lucera licensed EPAM's FIX server, FIXEDGE™ and integrated it with its sophisticated Smart Order Routing platform to create LumeFX™, a state-of-the-art trading platform. It features EPAM's FIXAntenna™C++, a high performance library that enables developers to build the low latency systems.

LumeFX is designed to enable users to manage and configure their business rules themselves via an intuitive, web-based interface. EPAM implemented monitoring and configuration tools to alert personnel in the case of connectivity or processing problems, and streamline the client-onboarding process.

Working closely with Lucera's development team in New York, the EPAM team offered support during implementation of the Lucera platform, advising on the optimal implementation path. The platform was delivered on several OS platforms, Linux and Open Solaris.

Technologies and Tools


LumeFX is helping banks, broker/dealers, trading firms and hedge funds to unlock new revenue sources without the capital-intensive requirement to own or operate any infrastructure

  • The LumeFX platform has been recognized by customers, switching to Lucera as "the most reliable powerful platform"
  • As of now Lucera deployed this solution in both US and UK