EPAM B2BITS FIX Client Simulator allows initiating and accepting FIX sessions, exchanging and editing FIX messages. The tool is based on .NET technologies and can be used to Simulate FIX buy and/or sell side end points. Built on top of the FIX Antenna® engine FIX Client Simulator shares all its common features and benefits. The tool also uses B2BITS' FIXopaedia as FIX reference source and provides complete support of all standard and custom FIX dictionaries.


  • Allows establishing multiple acceptor/initiator sessions to local and/or remote hosts
  • Supports unregistered acceptor sessions
  • Provide ability to save session configuration and to restore sessions from the list after disconnect
  • Supports standard FIX versions 4.0 - 5.0 SP2 and dialects (extra field(s) for the standard FIX message(s), custom tags values, user-defined tags and messages) via friendly XML
  • Supports all FIX message types (pre-trade, trade, post-trade, market data, etc.)
  • Supports wide range of FIX session settings including Custom Logon messages
  • Allows overriding Sender and Target CompIDs for established session
  • Allows manual sequence numbers ('in' and/or 'out') definition  or reset
  • Allows restarting working session
  • Allows events monitoring:
    • sent and received messages
    • active sessions
    • sessions statuses in real-time
  • Allows writing raw FIX messages, opening and editing them in the table view
  • Provides ability to search for a particular character or the sequence of them in a raw FIX message
  • Provides ability to load, modify and send a file containing preset message or batch of messages
  • Provides ability to send messages in defined interval
  • Provides optional ability for message validation for both incoming and outgoing messages (wellformness, required and conditionally required fields, fields order, types, etc.)
  • Allows enabling/disabling message resending
  • Provides option to use SSL protocols

FIX Client Simulator is provided as a simple zip archive. The package contains messages samples and example of custom dictionary

Please contact us at sales@b2bits.com to obtain free trial version of FIX Client Simulator or for any additional information.