B2BITS, an EPAM Systems company, offers trainings on its licensed software products as a service.

The trainings provide the following benefits:

  • Helps enable clients to develop in-house expertise
  • Reduces technical support calls
  • Increases operating efficiencies
  • Expedites a solution's time to market

The training courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client and tuned for:

  • Operations and trading support staff
  • IT and technical support staff

Topics include:

  • Overview of FIXEdge ecosystem
    • FIX Antenna meta data
    • FIX Antenna libraries
    • FIX Edge application server
    • FIXEDGE transport adapters
    • FIXEDGE persistence layer
    • FIXEDGE monitoring and control layer
    • FIXEDGE business layer
    • FIXEdge as multi-purpose router
    • FIX integrated control center (FIXICC)
    • FIXEye analysis tool
  • Quickstart
    • Installation, operation and configuration basics
    • FIX sessions, routing rules, message transformation rules
    • Connecting to QuickFIX
  • Integration with non-FIX systems: transport adapters
  • FIXEdge capabilities: writing rules and scripts
  • Operation and troubleshooting
  • Monitoring capabilities
  • Q&A Sessions

Additional topics, available on-demand:

  • FIX protocol - transport layer
  • Drop Copy/Trade Capture solution
  • Order Entry/Smart Router solution
  • How to set up FIX mapping (JS and DB)
  • Integration with databases
  • Deployment in cluster
  • FIX Client Simulator as a tool for testing FIX connections
  • Best practices and consulting for users' specific scenarios
  • Security configuration
  • Performance tuning
  • Building application based on FIX Antenna
  • Creating market data applications, capturing market data
  • Practice / questions

For more information about training courses and prices, please contact sales@btobits.com.