EPAM provides pre-certified connectivity solutions for direct access to B3 PUMA Trading System Unified Market Data Feed (UMDF) and Order Entry Interface (EntryPoint).

 B3 Direct Exchange Access

All solutions described above are equipped with rich UI simplifying configuration and maintenance of chosen solution, as well as allowing monitoring session statuses and parameters in real-time.

B3 FIX/FAST Market Data

EPAM B2BITS B3 FIX/FAST Market Data Adaptor allows application to subscribe to one or multiple instruments, supports all the features of B3 New Trading System Market data feed including mandatory TCP recovery:

  • Connects and maintains connections to the Puma Trading System UMDF via UDP (Instrument Definition Stream, Incremental Stream, Market Recovery stream)
  • Supports all market data types available at B3 UMDF.
  • Provides ability to fill gap when packages are lost automatically using high performance recovery methods (TCP Recovery, Market Recovery, Natural Refresh, Market Recovery with Natural Refresh)
  • Hides FAST details from the client and applies FAST decoding automatically
  • Provides C++/Java API to receive product and instrument definitions, market data events and order book updates, market data FIX messages via call-back interfaces
  • Provides ability to load B3 configuration file to use connection parameters and FAST template file to adjust FAST decoder accordingly
  • Automatically builds and updates order books from market data snapshot and incremental messages
  • Provides ability to add/delete fields and/or messages, change attributes

B3 FIX Order Entry

B3 EntryPoint engine is FIX Antenna® based low latency solution, designed and pre-configured to fully support B3 EntryPoint Order Entry Interface of PUMA Trading System.

  • Connect and maintain connection to B3 Entry Point.
  • Supports Order Entry Interface message flow (Order flow, Executions, Security Definitions, Quotes, Trade confirmation) and functionality.
  • Allows access to multiple market segments (derivatives, Equities, FX) through a single EntryPoint session.
  • Provides the drop copy functionality for the confirmation of orders, modification requests, cancel requests and fill notifications entered via the EntryPoint interface available through one or more FIX sessions.
  • Lower latency order processing.
  • 100% FIX 4.4 standard compliance.
  • Provides ability for pre-trade risk control. 

The deployment of this solution will provide the following benefits:

  • Pre-certified with B3 S.A.
  • Quick start and benchmark samples assuring prompt familiarizing with the software
  • Re-use of a proven and certified technology with direct market access
  • Reduced time to market and cost of implementation & operation
  • Lower technical risk for support and maintenance
  • 24x7 support provided worldwide
  • Availability of having solution customized to end-user specifics and requirements
  • Availability of "on-demand" software escrow