EPAM provides pre-certified solutions for direct access to CME Group Inc.

All solutions described above are equipped with rich UI simplifying configuration and maintenance of chosen solution, as well as allowing monitoring session statuses and parameters in real-time.

Market Data

EPAM B2BITS Market Data Adaptor provides support for MDP 3.0 interface.

CME MDP 3.0 Market Data Adaptor allows maintaining subscription to one or multiple instruments and supports all features of CME market data channels (including recovery) with latency under 2 microseconds.

  • Maintains connections to the CME Market Data feeds via UDP (Snapshots feed, Security Definitions feed, Incremental Updates feed) and to CME TCP replay channels
  • Hides FAST/SBE details from user, automatically applies FAST and SBE decoding
  • Provides ability to load CME configuration file to use connection parameters and FAST/SBE template file to adjust FAST/SBE decoder accordingly
  • Automatically builds and updates order books from market data snapshot and incremental messages
  • Provides ability to add/delete fields and/or messages, change attributes
  • Provides C++/ .NET/ Java API to subscribe/unsubscribe by symbol, to receive security definitions, snapshots, increments, news, and security statuses via call-backs;
  • Provides ability to customize logic on the low level to define custom recovery strategy

Order Entry

iLink 2 Order Entry

FIX Antenna® library and FIXEdge® application server are designed and preconfigured to fully support CME iLink™ Order Entry interface for routing orders, receiving order and fill confirmations, have the following features:

  • Supports all requirements of CME iLink™ Order Entry interface including the following ones:
  • Supplied as library (.dll/.so) with user-friendly intuitive C++ / .NET / Java public interface or as standalone application
  • High performance/Low latency: in C++ implementation deliveries over 60,000 messages per second on a single CPU and adds up to 16 microseconds' latency on 100 Mbps network with persistence and 6microseconds' latency on 100 Mbps network without persistence.

iLink 3 Binary Order Entry

FIX Antenna HFT CME iLink 3 library is preconfigured to fully support  iLink 3 Binary Order Entry  for submitting orders and receiving order entry responses, has the following features:

Supports all requirements of CME iLink 3 Order Entry interface including the following ones:

  • Low-latency Simple Binary Encoding (SBE)
  • FIX Performance (FIXP) protocol for session management
  • Week long session support and audit and mid-week initialization
  • New functionality of CME MSGW (Market Segment Gateway)
  • Access to all market segments on the CME Globex platform
  • Ability to send/receive raw SBE (binary) data
  • Supplied as library (.dll/.so) with user-friendly intuitive  API 

Post-Trade Data Processing

Addressing industry need in automated solutions for post-trade data processing, B2BITS provides FIX Trade Capture solution (FIXTCap) for direct access to the following CME interfaces:

The solution is designed to support all specifics of CME interfaces delivering post-trade data simplifying process of capturing trades.

Key Features:

  • Support for CME cleared and bilateral trades across all asset classes traded at the following CME divisions:
    • CME, NYMEX, COMEX and CBOT Trading Floors
    • CME ClearPort (CPC)  
    • CDS via CMD (CMD)
  • Support for the following user roles:
    • Trading Firms / Asset Managers / Brokerage Firms
  • Completely encapsulated and hidden from the client connectivity specifics 
  • Pre-configured Trade Capture report subscriptions for automated Trade Capture background service
  • Flexible user-controlled Trade Capture report subscriptions via FIX protocol API
  • On-the-fly CME FIXML / XML ↔ FIX 4.4 conversion via flexible, easy to configure and maintain xsl-based data mapping
  • Multiple ways for integration with End-user back-office or 3rd party ETRM system via:
    • FIX 4.4 Interface 
    • various middleware: database, TIB, MQ, JMS and others supported by FIXEdge
  • On-demand recovery tool to prevent trades loss in case of failure
  • FIXEdge features inheritance, allowing seamless integration with internal Client's systems via ODBC, TIB, MQ, JMS and other middleware. 

For Users searching for small lightweight solutions, Database loaders for CME Post-trading data are available. These tools are  pre-built for MS SQL/Oracle databases, automated, standalone applications consuming trades from CME ClearedTrades, ClearPort (brokers-specific) or STP APIs.

Trade Reporting

CME ClearPort Engine is a FIX Antenna® based solution allowing its users not only to report trades for CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX and DME products to CME ClearPort via FIXML 5.0 SP2, but also request a list and details of tradable securities, as well as entity reference data.

  • HTTPS support, encapsulation and masking of the connectivity specifics.
  • Fully supports workflow defined by CME ClearPort
  • High Performance/Low latency support (inherited from FIX Antenna)
  • User-friendly intuitive public .NET interface

The deployment of this solution will provide the following benefits:

  • Pre-certified with CME Group Inc.
  • Quick start and benchmark samples assuring prompt familiarizing with the software
  • Re-use of a proven and certified technology with direct market access
  • Reduced time to market and cost of implementation & operation
  • Lower technical risk for support and maintenance
  • FIX Engines and FIXEdge provide access or modify any business level tag in the message and allows to create a very flexible business rules
  • Easy to configure the business rules not requiring programmers' skills
  • 24x7 support provided worldwide
  • Provides consulting and customization services to end-user specifics and requirements
  • Availability of "on-demand" software escrow