EPAM BFIX's FIXICC H2 and FIXEye are state of the art applications designed to facilitate and improve the experience of working with the FIXEdge and B2BITS FIX Engines. These powerful tools emphasize robust session management and real-time monitoring, FIX connectivity administration, and an event-based notification system. FIXEye offers a dedicated desktop solution, while FIXICC H2 provides a web-based experience, satisfying the diverse needs of users across platforms.


FIXICC H2 is a cutting-edge solution that monitors and manages FIX servers and sessions, ensuring metrics precision and uninterrupted operations. As a web-based application, FIXICC H2 enables access to FIX servers from anywhere, and maintains smooth and reliable performance.

Key Features:


FIXEye is a desktop application that seamlessly combines efficient session administration, real-time event monitoring, and FIX log analysis capabilities. This innovative tool features a user-friendly interface and empowers users to proficiently administer and oversee FIX connections from a single, unified platform.

Key features:

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