FIXEdge C++/Java  exports its performance metrics to Prometheus in real time.

FIXEdge metrics cover the FIXEdge server, as well as individual connections (FIX & non-FIX):  

  • Send and receive data statistics, in message numbers and bytes  
  • Data transmission rates, in messages or bytes per second (or other time windows)  
  • Failure statistics, i.e., errors in routing rules, server,s and sessions downtime  
  • Latency statistics  
  • System stats, i.e., CPU load

FIXICC H2 is integrated with Prometheus to provide a holistic view of FIXEdge administration and monitoring. H2 has pre-configured dashboards to display statistics for a select  window of time in a tabular format, as well as historic charts to analyze trends and assist in capacity planning. We leverage the Prometheus API & PromQL to get time series data from long-term storage and build aggregations from them.   

Since Prometheus is the de-facto industry standard, FIXEdge can be easily integrated to almost any monitoring & alerting system, whether it be open-source, commercial, self-hosted or cloud-based -  like Grafana, AWS Cloud Watch, New Relic, and others.