Order Entry Gateway FIXEdge (OE FIXEdge) solution provides generic order entry capabilities for FIX connectivity to exchanges, trading platform(s). It is based on mature FIXEdge or FIXEdge Java foundation.  

It allows quick onboarding of new clients having external per session configuration and business rules for message transformation and routing.

OE FIXEDGE provides open interface/architecture for integration with trading platforms via set of pre-built adapters (IBM MQ, TIBCO, REST, HTTPs, JMS, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Solace).

The solution can handle large number of orders and executions at peak time allowing for vertical and horizontal scalability. More details  here.

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Main features:

  • Ability to accept and initiate hundreds of FIX connections
  • Ability to route messages to multiple backend systems
  • Support of custom FIX protocol dialect per session
  • Incoming and outgoing messages transformation
  • Rule based message routing
  • Message validation
  • Multiple ways for integration with backend systems
  • Simple configuration for onboarding of new FIX sessions
  • Automatic FIX session recovery
  • Support of backup connections

Additional features:

  • Throttling input and output
  • Store-and-forward, queuing of incoming orders
  • Store-and-forward, queuing of execution reports
  • Kill switch - stopping sessions/closing ports
  • Fully automated daily /weekly operations of start, stop sessions and data archiving  
  • Per session authentication
  • IP address filtering
  • Rich UI for monitoring session statuses and parameters in real time
  • Configurable event notifications, including session state change
  • Support automatic change of password


Supported FIX messages

The Solution supports all standard session and application level messages across all versions of the FIX Protocol (FIX 4.0 - 5.0, 5.0 SP1, 5.0 SP2), and allows to add custom messages as well. Typical set of messages includes:

Application Messages:

  • Indication of Interest
  • Execution Report
  • (AD) Trade Capture Report Request
  • (AE) Trade Capture Report
  • (AG) Quote Request Reject
  • (AH) RFQ Request
  • (AK) Confirmation
  • (AQ) Trade Capture Report Request Ack
  • (AR) Trade Capture Report Ack
  • (AS) Allocation Report
  • (AT) Allocation Report Ack
  • (D) New Order - Single
  • (E) New Order - List
  • (F) Order Cancel Request
  • (G) Order Cancel/Replace Request
  • (H) Order Status Request
  • (R) Quote Request
  • (S) Quote
  • (Z) Quote Cancel
  • (c) Security Definition Request
  • (d) Security Definition
  • (j) Business Message Reject
  • (q) Order Mass Cancel Request
  • (r) Order Mass Cancel Report

Session Messages:

  • (0) Heartbeat
  • (1) Test Request
  • (2) Resend Request
  • (3) Reject
  • (4) Sequence Reset
  • (5) Logout
  • (A) Logon


Installation Package

Default components:
On-demand add-ons:
  • Replication tool
  • SQL scripts for integration with database
  • Consulting and customization services to end-user specifics and requirements
  • Solution installation on platform of clients'choice
  • Service to build order entry FIX specification and document rules of engagement
  • Services for new clients onboarding
  • Integration with backend middleware or 3-rd party system
  • Implementation of business logic and mapping
  • Application support


  • Can be hosted on premises or on EPAM's Cloud environment or in our partners data centers: OptionsITLucera

  • Supports high availability configuration
  • Has open interface for authentication and authorization with client's authenticity providers

Software escrow is available on demand.