EPAM Systems provides support services for its products based on the respective Service Level Agreements.

Standard support services consist of specified in the agreement number of support hours per year to correct Defects in the Software; upgrades and updates to the latest officially released Version of the Software.

Support services are provided via email, telephone and/or internet assistance. We offer the following support packages:

  Basic Gold Platinum
Updates and Upgrades

Updates of current Version

Upgrades to new Version

Support services included

Software defects correction

Consulting on Initial set up


Consulting on design and best practices (use of API)


Migration support from one release to another


Review client's code implementation


Performance management and tuning to the best performance on a given platform



Access to extending products features ahead of scheduled releases






SLA terms


Business hours



On demand on site availability


Within 5 days

Within 24 hours

Response time

Support request acknowledgement

1 hour

15 min

15 min

Update or Resolution time

Severity 1 - Critical Business Impact

1 day

2 hours

2 hours

Severity 2 - Significant Business Impact

3 days

1 day

4 hours

Severity 3 - Some Business Impact

14 days

7 days

7 days

Severity 4 - Minimal Business Impact

1 month

1 month

1 month

For upgrade to the latest version you can use our online service Client space.
For additional information about our Software and documentation follow online Knowledge base.
For product support or help please use any of the following options: