FIXEdge Java 1.9.0 Performance


Benchmarks were run against one version of FIXEdge Java (1.9.0) in order to detect possible regressions.

Single Session Echo Scenario

  • One acceptor session is configured on the FIXEdge Java side.
  • One initiator session is configured on the client application side.

The process:

  1. The client application connects to the FIXEdge Java instance and sends 1000000 FIX 4.2 messages at a rate of 50000 messages per second.
  2. FIXEdge Java receives the messages and matches them to the same session using business layer logic.
  3. FIXEdge Java responds to the client application with the same message via the same TCP/IP connection (the same session).
  4. The client application collects the response time histogram.
  5. The process is repeated 5 times.

The response time measured by the client application is the difference between timestamps:

  • t1 - timestamp is taken right before sending a message to the socket
  • t2 - timestamp is taken right after receiving the same message from the socket (from FIXEdge)

So the round-trip time formula is: RTT = t2 - t1 and the measurement unit is microseconds.

The test scenario diagram:

FIXEdge Java Java Benchmark 


FIXEdge Java 1.9.0 Test Results 

Product Version OS Testing Date Test Results
FIXEdge Java 1.9.0 Linux Oct 11, 2021 link arrow icon