8 May 2024

FIXEdge Java 1.10.4 release: Drools have been integrated

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company, is pleased to share the release of version 1.10.4 of FIXEdge Java.

FIXEdge Java 1.10.4 introduces the following features:

  • Configuration version control using GIT.

This feature enables the utilization of the version control system to manage FEJ configurations across various environments.
It facilitates tracking changes in configurations of sessions, adapters, and business rules. The GIT interface provides a means to propagate configurations between lower and higher environments.
The H2 UI seamlessly integrates with GIT, allowing for the import and export of configuration items/scripts. Exporting a configuration to a GIT branch is performed for a selected FIXedge server.
For importing, users are required to select a branch and commit from the provided list. These operations are supported without the need to stop FEJ servers.

  • Drools Integration.

Drools is a Business Rules Management System (BRMS) solution. It provides a core Business Rules Engine (BRE), a web authoring and rules management application (Drools Workbench), full runtime support for Decision Model and Notation (DMN) models at Conformance level 3 and an IDE plugin for core development. Many companies currently using BRMS would benefit from this new FEJ feature, leveraging business rules directly without the need to rewrite rules to FEJ DSL. In scenarios involving complex cases, such as order entry pre-trade risk scenarios where the logic for hundreds and hundreds of rules needs to be executed, Drools decision tables can be leveraged. Drools serves as an extension of the current Business Layer and is embedded within FEJ. FEJ DSL allows mixing of rules written in DSL , Groovy, and Drools in one set of rules. FEJ API can be called from Drools rules. An example of a rule that is executed by the Drools rule engine can be found here: How to work with Drools in FEJ with FIXICC H2. The artifacts produced in Drools workbench could be imported to FIXICC H2 configuration management data base to be used in combination with other rules or on its own: Mixed DSL/Drools calls.

  • BL Histories Functionality.

The 1.10.4 release enhances the FEJ Business layer(BL) functionality by adding an ability to store and retrieve data to/from database(DB) from DSL and Groovy. Integration with databases is done via JDBC. Thus, supporting all compatible with JDBC SQL statements and stored procedures. BL examples with rules using access to the DB.
Typical examples of such rules include order entry, smart order routing, and trade capture use cases where the auditing records could be created in DB, deduplication could be done via the DB or by-directional order and execution reports routing with storing routing context in the following location: Message handling rules using DSL instructions and custom code in History.

  • Real-time configuration of the JMS adapter in FEJ from H2.

The immediate addition, deletion, and modification of JMS sessions directly from H2 is now possible with the real-time configuration of the JMS adapter. This is achieved by processing the received information through FIXEdge Java (FEJ). Previously, these operations required a server restart, disrupting any active sessions. Now, JMS TA sessions can be dynamically configured from H2 without interruptions. Transport Adapter Session Configuration.

  • RPM Packages Changes.

Enhancements have been done to the FEJ in the RPM package with modifications to the folder structure and properties for better version tracking, data management, and improved system organization: FEJ installation (rpm or deb package) and configuration.

  • Server Registration without Consul.

This release enhances server visibility and manageability. Servers can now be registered and be visible in H2 without requiring Consul. FEJ now automatically checks the availability and statuses of servers, sending notifications to H2 if any of the servers are stopped.

The complete  Release Notes are available in the  Products Knowledge Base

For our existing customers, the new versions of FIXEdge Java are available for download in the B2BITS client space. We are currently offering new deployment options on clouds: AWS, Azure, and GCP, please send your requests to sales@btobits.com

Please direct requests for evaluation to sales@btobits.com.

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