B2BITS FIX/FAST Market Data Adaptors for MOEX allow applications to subscribe to one or multiple instruments and support all the features of MOEX Market Data multicast feeds across all markets ( Equities (ASTS)Derivatives (SPECTRA), FX (ASTS)) including all types of recovery.

MOEX Market Data multicast FIX/FAST platform


Feature Description
MOEX Market Data Feeds access

Connect and maintain connections to the MOEX Market Data Feeds via UDP:

  • Incremental Updates feeds:
    • OrderBook Feed
    • Statistics Feed
    • Orders Feed
    • Trades Feed
  • Market Recovery (Snapshots) feeds:
    • OrderBook Recovery Feed
    • Statistics Recovery Feed
    • Orders Recovery Feed
    • Trades Recovery Feed
  • Instrument Definitions Feed (replay)
Details of the MOEX FIX/FAST interface is available here.
Auto recovery

Automatically fills gap when packages are lost using high performance recovery methods:

  • Market Recovery
  • Natural Refresh
  • Market Recovery with Natural Refresh
  • TCP recovery

Supports Instrument level sequencing, i.e. orders instruments by sequence before calling callbacks for increments.

MOEX feeds arbitration

Automatically arbitrates between Feed A and Feed B

FAST decoding Automatically applies FAST decoding, hides FAST details from the client
High-level interface Simple API to receive product and instrument definitions, market data events and order book updates via call-back interfaces
Low-level interface
  • Simple API to receive market data FIX messages via call-back interfaces
  • The transport layer is implemented based on Boost.Asio
Adjustable MICEX configuration

Ability to load MOEX configuration file and use connection parameters.

Dynamic FAST templates

Ability to load MOEX FAST template file and adjust FAST decoder accordingly.

Extendible FIX protocol

Ability to add/delete fields and/or messages; change attributes.

Simple intuitive API

API to subscribe/unsubscribe by symbol, API to receive security definitions, snapshots, increments, news and security statuses via call-backs.

Well packaged

MOEX FIX/FAST Market Data Adaptor is delivered with:

  • Pre-compiled binaries for chosen platform
  • API Guide
  • Set of primitive "Quick Start" samples
  • Set of utilities with sources

The package includes complementary configuration files and samples to work with the MOEX Transactional FIX-interface, as well as with the MOEX TCP Market Data interface.
Software escrow is available on demand 

Supported platforms

Supported OS:

  • Windows
  • Linux

Supported compilers:

  • GCC 4.8, GCC 6.1 - with C++03 and C++11 ABIs
  • MS VS2015 & VS2017

Support of Myricom DBL

MOEX FIX/FAST Market Data Adaptors are now available in a 30-day trial version.

Software escrow is available on demand.

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