The leading agri-business Company, as part of a proprietary trading system, was looking for a solution for capturing physical purchase and sales contracts with various counterparties, as well as the derivative hedges for managing the resulting price risk. 


The leading agri-business company (the Customer) choose EPAM to provide a solution with the following requirements:

  • To supply generic drop copy HUB to reliably work with multiple venues
  • To be flexible to accommodate specific FIX dialects
  • To provide integration with third party application, which monitors trade activities
  • To provide trading data to be monitored under Market Abuse Regulation 


Solution is based on EPAM B2BITS' generic server FIXEdge®.

FIXEdge® technology was used to implement Drop Copy Hub for the Customer:

  • Connect to 5 trading venues
  • Receive orders, trades and security definitions from trading venues systems over FIX sessions
  • Save orders, trades and security definitions to MS SQL database
  • System operates 24x7, without a reboot of FIXEdge
  • Support of multiple FIX versions (FIX 4.2, FIX 4.4,  and custom FIX dialects)
  • Scheduling opening and closing sessions, operations, data archiving are fully automated.

Technologies and Tools


The implemented FIXEdge® solution is a reliable Drop Copy HUB, which operates 24x7. The solution accumulates data from various trading platforms; the Customer uses these data for monitoring and analysis. The solution has been successfully used on production since 2017.