7 December 2005

IntegraSolv and B2BITS deliver real-time trading dashboards

Today at the Bond Market Association's 10th Annual Fixed-Income Summit & Expo on Technology and Electronic Trading in New York City, IntegraSolv and B2BITS announced strategic partnership to offer real-time dashboards for electronic trading based on Owl Application Operations Center.

"This partnership is about providing our clients, owners of the sophisticated trading environments, with custom real-time business dashboards," says Arthur Frankstein, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IntegraSolv. "Unlike typical dashboard products that focus on relatively static data, these are the dashboards for time-critical processes with accurate summarized information and an ability to directly control the trading process. B2BITS' experience and deep understanding of all aspects of electronic trading combined with quick implementation times that has become the trademark of Owl deployments would allow us to produce custom dashboards in exceptionally short time."

Owl enables efficient collection of high quality business performance information directly from trading systems. Owl is used by several leading institutional clients in all aspects of electronic trading: client connectivity, direct market access, order management, fixed income and derivatives trading, and in back office. Each one of these areas is supported by a multitude of complex connected applications. Our clients have the ability to collect real-time information from their applications, identify key performance indicators and key control points, and tie them all into a real-time command and control system using the Owl Application Operations Center. Dashboards provide organizations with custom information presentation and navigation of their choice.

For example, traders' dashboards include access to key execution venues, market data freshness, and position keeping. Owl collects all relevant performance information that resides in various applications and produces key performance indicators based on real-time analysis. The results of this analysis are made available to dashboard applications via real-time Web Services. Systems can be reconfigured using the control points accessible to the dashboards.

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