31 January 2011

B2BITS releases FIX Antenna QF Adaptor

Newtown, PA - January 31, 2011 - B2BITS®, EPAM Systems' Capital Markets Competency Center providing technology for FIX connectivity and servicing the FIX community for more than 10 years, is proud to announce the release of FIX Antenna QF Adaptor developed for the QuickFIX©* users.

FIX Antenna QF Adaptor was created in response to the high demand from the QuickFIX community users to achieve substantial improvement in the latency characteristics of their trading applications. It allows switching to the high performance FIX Antenna C++ engine as well as getting full advantage of the underlying hardware platform with minimal or no effort. FIX Antenna QF Adaptor outperforms QuickFIX by over 7 times in throughput, while delivering 4 times lower latency. FIX Antenna QF Adaptor is an add-on package for FIX Antenna C++ library.

The beta version of the product is available now. The first 5 clients who have it implemented successfully will receive a 1-year free license for FIX Antenna C++.

For questions, please contact us at sales@b2bits.com or +1 (888) 378-0666 (USA), +44 (207) 758-9830 (UK).

About EPAM Systems

B2BITS®, EPAM Systems Capital Markets Competency Center, delivers solutions that cover trading and operations in all asset classes including Equities, FX, Options, and Fixed Income. The Center's reusable frameworks and components include OMS, matching engines, market data feeds adapters, exchange gateways, and electronic payment services utilized in many trading firms, banks, brokerage and clearing houses, as well as exchanges. B2BITS® is a registered trademark of B2BITS, EPAM Systems company.

Established in 1993, EPAM Systems, Inc. is the leading global software engineering and IT consulting provider with delivery centers throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Headquartered in the United States, EPAM provides services to the clients worldwide utilizing global delivery model through its client facing operations in North America, UK, Germany, and Sweden, together with 4,500 professionals deployed across delivery centers in Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. EPAM's core competencies include complex software product engineering for leading global software and technology vendors, as well as development, testing, maintenance, and support of mission critical business applications and vertically oriented IT consulting services for global Fortune 2000 corporations.


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