14 December 2011

B2BITS releases new 2.7 version of FIX Antenna

B2BITS®, EPAM Systems' Capital Markets Competency Center is proud to announce the release of our third generation FIX engine - FIX Antenna v.2.7.

FIX Antenna v.2.7 is the result of extensive Research & Development as well as client feedback and is a major improvement over earlier versions. This release includes a large number of new features, bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Improved and optimized performance
  • FIXDictionary component added - allows clients to dynamically load custom dictionaries 
  • Ability to choose Full specification or Custom specification (contains only utilized fields).
  • Switching to Custom specification  allows improving performance:
    • FIXMessage::toRaw method up to 1.5 times.
    • FIXMsgProcessor::clone up to 1.6 times
    • Parse and newSkel 10% improved.
  • Ability to use persistent storage based on memory mapped file which allows improving latency two times
  • List of available samples has been extended
  • Ability to use prepared messages: only fields which change values should be set, so the process of message assembling is much faster and a message is sent directly to socket.
  • For a full list of changes please see the Version History.

B2BITS would like to offer you to evaluate and migrate to FIX Antenna v.2.7.

Please contact us at sales@btobits.com or +1 (888) 378-0666 (USA), +44 (207) 758-9830 (UK).

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