12 November 2008

B2BITS® releases new version of FIX logs analyzing tools — FIX Eye and FIX Grep

New York - November 12, 2008 - B2BITS®, EPAM Systems' Capital Markets Competency Center providing tools and technologies for exchange connectivity, OMS and EMS solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new version of FIX logs analyzing tools - FIX Eye and FIX Grep.

In response to the growing interest from the global FIX community, B2BITS® releases the new version of tools for reading FIX logs and for reverse engineering of the states of FIX objects, FIX Grep and FIX Eye. FIX Grep is a multi-platform command line tool with traditional Unix style interface, while FIX Eye interacts with the help of a .NET GUI. New versions of FIX Eye and FIX Grep provide a unique set of features not found in the tools from other vendors and from open source solutions.

The major list of features includes:

  • Ability to find FIX messages in any non-encoded file produced by a FIX engine of any vendor
  • Ability to search in multiple files, files on network drives and remote computers
  • Ability to search in zip files
  • Ability to show messages in user-friendly format similar to Excel sheets
  • Ability to do multiple searches in separate sheets
  • Ability to validate messages and ability to work with invalid messages
  • Ability to work with non-standard FIX Dialects
  • Ability to create filters and apply them to messages
  • Ability to use Excel-like data filters in FIX messages table
  • Ability to create custom views including conditional formatting
  • Ability to reverse engineer order history and session history; ability to visualize an extracted sequence
  • Ability to show last states of orders (order blotter)
  • Ability to export selected data to the files of various formats
  • Ability to print a selected area
  • Ability to build sessions list based on loaded messages, create sessions groups
  • High speed: 100,000 messages can be loaded within 25 seconds

An example below illustrates a query using FIX Grep: "find all execution reports of type 'filled' for account that starts with 'ABC' received on November 10, 2008":
>fixgrep "35=8 1=ABC.* 150=2" -f "*.in" -t "52" "20081110-00:00:01" "20081110-23:59:59"

FIX Grep also supports a standard way of stream redirection. For example, the following construction is allowed (Linux):
>cat "*.in" | fixgrep "1=ABC.*" | fixgrep -sw " " --order-status-list

View a short presentation about FIX Eye.

The trial versions of FIX Eye and FIX Grep are available for download.

For more information, please contact sales@b2bits.com.

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