2 November 2009

EPAM’s B2BITS® celebrates 10th-year anniversary of delivering FIX solutions and exhibits at the 2009 FPL Americas Electronic Trading Conference

Newtown, PA - November 2, 2009 - B2BITS®, EPAM Systems' Capital Markets Competency Center, celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over the decade the company's high-performance FIX solutions have been successfully deployed by hundreds of clients worldwide. This year B2BITS® will exhibit at the 6th Annual FPL Americas Electronic Trading Conference to showcase the latest iterations of its leading FIX Antenna product suite:

  • FIX Antenna C++ - optimized, achieving latencies of under 100 mks
  • FIX Antenna.NET - fully repackaged with a new extended set of documentation and substantially decreased footprint in memory
  • FIX Antenna Java - a substantially re-factored version to achieve lower latency (under 15 msec) upgrade
  • New Control Center - developed to fully utilize built-in administrative interface of the FIX Antenna product line
  • FIXEye log analyzer - many more features added, including real-time monitoring
  • CME FAST adapter for market data
  • Comprehensive solution for trade capture from ICE and CME

B2BITS® will distribute a limited number of copies featuring new versions of FIX libraries and tools with free 3-month licenses. Visit us during the FPL conference at Booth #20 and receive your copy of the latest FIX software.

About EPAM Systems

Established in 1993, US-based EPAM Systems is the leading global software engineering and IT consulting provider with delivery centers in Central and Eastern Europe and client facing operations in North America, UK, Germany, and Sweden. With 4,000+ professionals deployed across development locations in Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, EPAM delivers complex software product engineering for leading global software and technology vendors, as well as development, testing, maintenance, and support of mission critical business applications and vertically oriented IT consulting services for global Fortune 2000 corporations.

B2BITS®, EPAM Systems Capital Markets Competency Center, delivers solutions that cover trading and operations in all asset classes including Equities, FX, Options, and Fixed Income. The Center's reusable frameworks and components include OMS, matching engines, market data feeds adapters, exchange gateways, and electronic payment services utilized in many trading firms, banks, brokerage and clearing houses, as well as exchanges.

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