7 December 2005

IntegraSolv partners with B2BITS for end-to-end monitoring of electronic trading systems with Owl™

New York, December 7, 2005 - Today at the Bond Market Association's 10th Annual Fixed-Income Summit & Expo on Technology and Electronic Trading in New York City, IntegraSolv and B2BITS announced successful integration of the Owl™ Application Operations Center with B2BITS' high performance FIX engines.

"We are excited about B2BITS' selection of Owl™ for end-to-end monitoring of electronic trading," said Arthur Frankstein, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IntegraSolv. "Focus on end-to-end performance and availability is a key to achieving competitive advantage in electronic trading. Owl™'s direct instrumentation provides electronic trading performance information that can be reliably used to provide zero-downtime results."

B2BITS uses the IntegraSolv Owl™ Application Operations Center to monitor the complete line of B2BITS FIX engines as well as other B2BITS electronic trading products including FIX Antenna C++ Fix Engine, FIX Antenna Java Fix Engine, FixEdge Fix Engine, and FIX Antenna .NET Fix Engine. Monitoring B2BITS products with Owl™ was implemented within days.

FIX engines from B2BITS are key components of trading infrastructures capable of processing over 18,000 messages per second on a single CPU. Customers solutions that use B2BITS' products often include trading systems, order management, and market access systems that were developed internally or purchased from other software vendors. While most systems do some of their own internal monitoring, end-to-end monitoring of transaction flows and instant status of the ability of IT to support trading are typically not available. Problems are often identified by customers and resolution is frequently challenged by the lack of coordination from multiple teams. In electronic trading, where downtime and performance degradation is equivalent to loss of opportunities and reputation, early problem detection, prevention of downtime and speedy resolution are paramount. Informing the business users of the status of the key systems that support them, such as status and performance of exchange connectivity, freshness of market data, and accuracy of positions, enables them to switch to other execution alternatives and raises the level of confidence in the systems.

Owl™ brings out the health and performance of the trading infrastructure. Owl™'s graphical consoles allow trading support, development, data center operations, business and IT management to see the current status of individual trading systems components and their topology. Once the health or performance degradation is detected, users can navigate to the source of the problem in the application itself, connected upstream or downstream applications, or IT infrastructure. Traders and business operations can see the health of the trading systems and the impact on their ability to conduct business and chose alternative execution venues. The health information can be used to re-route execution or restore services.

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