30 August 2004

Sterling Management Solutions Corp. and B2BITS Announce New Strategic Partnership to Offer Low-Cost Sophisticated FIX and Fixed Income Trading Products in United States

Princeton, N.J., August 25, 2004 /PRNewswire/ - Sterling Management Solutions Corp. and B2BITS are pleased to announce their new business partnership in the United States. Sterling will now offer the B2BITS industry-leading FIX family of solutions (including FIX engines, and testing and certification tools), and PINKTM, an innovative new low-cost Fixed Income Trading and Direct Market Access solution. Over 300 financial services customers have deployed B2BITS FIX solutions worldwide, from the largest sell-side brokers to small hedge fund operations.

Robert Sobol, the Chief Operating Officer of Sterling, said, "This is the beginning of the Wall Street technology cost revolution. Sterling's partnership with B2BITS furthers our companies' shared goals of offering sophisticated and cost-effective solutions to the financial services industry. Sterling's solutions - TradeBITM performance measurement for institutional trading and ECN operations, client/trader profit and loss, securities compliance and AML - are perfectly complemented by this partnership. Competitive solutions cost three times as much and take three times as long to deliver."

Mark Bisker, the Chief Executive Officer of B2BITS, said, "The synergy between Sterling's experience in management, sales and marketing expertise and B2BITS' technology should significantly improve B2BITS' market share in the United States. The partnership will provide high quality local support in the US market. We will have the capability to develop and deliver value-added solutions built on B2BITS FIX infrastructure for our combined customer base."

B2BITS has been designated by FIX Protocol Ltd., the FIX standard setting organization, as one of only 4 FIX official certification providers in the world. B2BITS' FIX Antenna is the highest performing FIX engine in existence.

Sterling's Performance Measurements solutions TradeBI and PerformBITM are utilized by clients such as Bank of New York, Bloomberg, Charles Schwab, AIG, IBM, Sybase, Avaya, and the Pentagon.

About Sterling Management Solutions Corp.

Sterling Management Solutions Corp., headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey and founded in 1990, provides award-winning business intelligence analytics, data mining, pattern recognition and predictive modeling solutions in web, client server and wireless-enabled delivery via its PerformBI Digital Dashboard. Vertical-specific solutions include Financial Services, Corporate Governance (Sarbanes-Oxley), Insurance, Business Continuity Planning and Homeland Security. Sterling also provides technology consulting and recruiting services.

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