10 September 2003

Integra SP and B2BITS launch MarketConnect STP messaging appliance

September 10, 2003 - Integra SP and B2BITS have teamed to develop MarketConnect, a middleware-agnostic messaging appliance designed to ease the burden for institutions transferring data across multiple financial protocols. The solution supports FIX 4.0 through to 4.4 as well as FIXML and incorporates full standby and failover functionality, including real-time monitoring, testing and certification capabilities. Application transport protocols supported include IBM/MQ, JMS, HTTP, TCP/IP and Corba. The product is packaged with fixed price bandwidth to multiple destinations via Moneyline Networks's financial extranet.

Sven Thiele, CEO of Integra SP says the aim of the alliance is to provide a middleware agnostic appliance that supports FIX, FIXML, Swift, Oasys, Twist and other financial message formats at a competitive price.

"Ultimately, the appliance will simplify the way financial institutions view edge of network STP integration as well as significantly lowering the cost," he says

Alongside distribution via Moneyline, Integra and B2BITS have secured agreements from Sun Microsystems to market the product alongside its Edge server products and SunONE software, providing marketing and logistics on a global basis.

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