10 December 2018

Market data handlers: B3; MillenuimIT LSE_JSE; MOEX Asts_Spectra are released as new standalone products

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company is pleased to announce that starting January 1st 2019 some of the market data adapters, which were part of FIX Antenna C++ library will be delivered as a separate package to simplify release process, speed up delivery of updates including bug fixes and  to improve integration with customer code.

Market data handlers will be released as new standalone product(s) with its own per-handler versions - B2BITS MarketData C++ Library.

Starting from FA C++ version 2.26 all built-in Market data handlers will be deprecated. (Q1'19).

New library will be available for the following compilers:

  • Windows: VS2015 & VS2017
  • Linux: gcc4.8, gcc6.1 - with C++03 and C++11 ABIs

Online API reference: B3 : FIX/FAST (formerly BM&F Bovespa), MillenuimIT powered platform - LSE/JSE : ITCH/FAST, MOEX\Asts : FIX/FAST, MOEX\Spectra : FIX/FAST

The complete Release Notes are available in Products Knowledge Base.

For migration please follow the instruction: How to migrate MD application from FA C++ to MD C++ library

New Market Data handlers are available to download in B2BITS client space

For additional questions please contact sales@btobits.com.


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