24 April 2024

FIXEdge C++ 6.16.0 release: Apache Camel TA added to the package

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company, is pleased to share the release of version 6.16.0 of FIXEdge.

This release brings several significant improvements and features:

Note: Clients can leverage other Camel components from the component list to align with their ecosystem and business requirements. Configuration examples for Camel TA can be found in the /etc/fixedge/camel-ta-distribution directory of the FIXEdge C++ standard installation.

  • Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities:
    • FIXEdge C++ now offers comprehensive monitoring of server-level, session-level, and TA session-level live metrics
    • Server-level metrics, including received and sent messages, received and sent KBytes, message rates, KBytes rates, and CPU load, can be monitored via FIXICC H2.
    • Session-level metrics, such as message and KBytes counts, message rates, KBytes rates, and outgoing queuedepth, are also available for monitoring via FIXICC H2.
    • TA session-level metrics, covering message and KBytes counts, message rates, and KBytes rates, can be monitored through FIXIC H2.
  • Configuration Flexibility for Kafka TA:
    • FIXEdge C++ now offers the ability to configure the DaysOff property for Kafka TA, providing users with greater control and flexibility.

The complete  Release Notes are available in Knowledge Base.

For our existing customers, the new versions of FIXEdge C++ are available for download in the B2BITS client space. For other interested parties, an evaluation of FIXEdge C++ is available upon request. Please direct requests for evaluation to sales@btobits.com.

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