25 July 2018

FIXEdge 6.6.0 Release: New Security Definition in ICE Trade Capture interface and IBM MQ Transport Adapter update

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company is pleased to announce the release of version 6.6.0 of FIXEdge.

New version includes the following new features:

ICE Trade Capture

  • New interface of Security Definition (35=d) messages has been fully supported and enabled by default.
  • Partial backward compatibility is supported - old interface of security definitions can be safely processed and stored in the data model.
  • Data Model has been adjusted to support and store all the data coming in new interface of Security Definition (35=d) messages.
  • Changes in FIX interface introduced by the latest  ICE Trading Platform Release  (June 8, 2018) have been supported.
  • The solution performance has been improved:
    • Introduced synchronous sequential requests of security definitions which prevent TCP buffer overflow and possible connection break. See updated  ICE Trade Capture Overview and workflow overview for details.
    • Changed  implementation of data storage mechanism: replaced JavaScript with SQL stored procedures.
    • Optimized indexes structure and their datatypes in Security Definitions tables.

See "How to upgrade" article by the following link: Pure installation of the new version of ICE Trade Capture solution.

IBM MQ Transport Adapter

  • ErrorsQueue has become enabled for all IBM MQ TA modes.
  • MQ TA dependency (IBM MQ client library) has been updated to version

Logging improvements

  • Logging for getaddrinfo failure has been changed
  • JMS TA logging for messages without timestamps has been improved

Critical bugs and fixes

  • Accepting a session during FE initialization could lead to failure.
  • Accepting a session during shutdown  could interrupt the graceful stop.
  • IBM MQ Transport Adapter's transaction cannot be rolled back in the case when FIXEdge failed to parse the first message of the batch.
  • Memory leak appears in  RabbitMQ Transport Adapter.
  • Error message about repeating group size has an incorrect description.
  • Non-graceful termination leads to the loss of all messages in the persistentMM storage on Windows.
  • FMXML handler doesn't produce valid XML in case XML-reserved symbols are used.
  • Log Replicator doesn't work with growing log files.
  • Service created via replication tool can't start correctly.

The complete Release Notes are available in Products Knowledge Base.

New FIXEdge version is available to our customers in B2BITS client space and to anyone for evaluation on demand - please direct requests for evaluation to sales@btobits.com.

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