14 July 2020

FIX Antenna .NET Core Release

EPAM is pleased to share the first release of FIX Antenna .NET Core library, a solution that will address demand for the high performance FIX engine that is built to operate on the .NET Core platform. This solution will enable developers to work with the latest Microsoft framework and help strategically position client applications for the future. The FIX Antenna .NET Core API follows robust, tested by time FIX Antenna Java API.

The FIX Antenna .NET Core engine is a cross-platform solution that runs on both Windows and Linux. Each package includes samples to help users onboard the library efficiently and effectively.

FIX Antenna .NET Core 0.9.0: major features

FIX Engine:

  • FIX 4.0 - FIX 5.0 SP2
  • Multiple sessions management
  • Validation against FIX dictionaries (including validation of required fields, duplicate fields, wellformeness, etc)
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Standard FIX routing based on DeliverTo and OnBehalfOf fields
  • Store messages while disconnected
  • Switch to the backup connection
  • Round-robin reconnect option to multiple backup destinations for an initiator session
  • Microseconds in FIX tags (MIFID II)

Sessions Processing:

  • Initiator/Acceptor Sessions
  • Auto-reconnect Session
  • Restore state after failure

Message composition API:

  • Creating a message singleton by FIX protocol version and message type
  • Creating a message from a raw FIX string (parse)
  • Serializing a FIX object message to raw FIX string
  • Adding, removing, modifying FIX fields and repeating groups
  • Use prepared messages - message template for faster sending messages with the same structure but with different values

Supported storage types:

  • In-memory storage
  • Persistent storage

Performance Tuning:

  • Ability to enable or disable Nagle's algorithm to minimize latency or maximize throughput
  • Ability to choose the sending mode. Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Ability to configure CPU affinity to enable the binding and unbinding a thread to a CPU
  • Setting send and receive socket buffer sizes for TCP transport options


  • Supports configuration in properties file format
  • Monitoring and administration:
  • Proprietary built-in remote monitoring and administrative interface for sessions monitoring and management
  • Rich monitoring and administration GUI (FIXICC)

 The complete Release Notes are available in Knowledge Base.

FIX Antenna .NET Core version is available to our customers in B2BITS client space and to anyone for evaluation per request - please direct requests for evaluation to sales@btobits.com.

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