21 September 2020

FIX Antenna Java 2.22.0 release: a listening port for incoming FIX connections can be defined in the acceptor configuration

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company is pleased to share the release of version 2.22.0 FIX Antenna Java.

 New Features and Improvements:

  • Extended acceptor ports management.
    • A listening port for incoming FIX connections can be defined in the acceptor configuration. (read more)
  • SSL configuration per FIX session.
    • A FIX session configuration includes options for SSL connection configuration. (read more)

Bugs and fixes:

  • CRITICAL. Java 11 compatibility issues.
    • Problem description: Some functionality, such as a FIX message validation functionality, memory-mapped files based storage(MMFStorageFactory), and Chronicle Queue based storage(ChronicleStorageFactory), didn't work with Java 11.
    • Solution: code has been updated to conform to Java 11 API.
  • CRITICAL. A FIX Session with Chronicle Queue based storage(ChronicleStorageFactory) failed to handle ResendRequest(2) incoming requests.
    • Problem description: FIX Session with Chronicle Queue based storage hung on the processing of incoming ResendRequest(2) due to deadlock.
    • Solution: Deadlock in code has been resolved.
  • The acceptor session always used blocking NIO transport.
    • Problem description: The acceptor session ignored the combination of configuration options useJavaNIO=true and blockingNIOSocket=false and always used blocking NIO transport.
    • Solution: FIX server and acceptor session initialization code has been fixed.
  • The benchmark sample SendMarkedDataWithSlowClientsBM failed after its restarts.
    • Problem description: Restart of the sample without cleaning logs failed with an error.
    • Solution: The sample has been fixed.
  • FIX Antenna incorrectly processed invalid values range for maxMessageSize.
    • Problem description: If the value for maxMessageSize was greater then Integer.MAX_INT, FIX Antenna uses -1 value instead of the default.
    • Solution: parsing has been fixed, the default value in 1Mb is applied if the invalid value is defined for maxMessageSize property.
  • Optimized memory usage by FIXFieldList
    • Problem description: FIXFieldList could produce some garbage during its reusing (if the FIXFieldList object is taken from pool): it didn't release memory for some removed tags.
    • Solution: tag removing operation was fixed.

The complete  Release Notes  are available in  Products Knowledge Base.

New FIX Antenna Java version is available to our customers in B2BITS Clients' Space  and to anyone for evaluation per request - please direct requests for evaluation to sales@btobits.com .

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