30 September 2019

FIX Antenna Java 2.21.0 release: new strategies for FIX session protocol customization

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company is pleased to announce the release of version 2.21.0 FIX Antenna Java.

 New Features and Improvements:

  • Added mechanism for customization of outgoing  Logon and  Logout messages.
    • FIXSession interface is extended with a method addOutSessionLevelMessageListener() for registering interceptors of outgoing session-level messages. 
  • Added mechanism for monitoring  LastMsgSeqNumProcessed(369) tag in incoming messages.
  • Secure FIX server with scheduler is included into the package.
    • Implementation of ScheduledSSLFIXServer, which accepts secure SSL/TLS connection and supports timetables for FIX sessions is available out of the box.

Bugs and fixes:

  • FIX session with no-queue sending mode might send a bunch of messages with higher than expected  MsgSeqNum(34) right after reconnect.
    • Problem description: FIX session with no-queue sending mode didn't wait for the finish of sequences synchronization procedure and started to send application messages immediately after  Logon  message. It might lead to sending a bunch of messages with sequence numbers higher than expected and receiving o lot of  ResendRequests(2) from others side.
    • Solution: Awaiting for an answer from the other side after reconnect during some reasonable period was introduced.

The complete  Release Notes  are available in  Products Knowledge Base.

New FIX Antenna Java version is available to our customers in B2BITS Clients' Space  and to anyone for evaluation per request - please direct requests for evaluation to sales@btobits.com .




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