30 August 2019

FIX Antenna Java 2.20.2 release: new methods for sequence management

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company is pleased to announce the release of version 2.20.2 FIX Antenna Java.

New Features and Improvements:

  • Don't print exception stack traces in case of  logging level  "INFO" or "WARN" or "ERROR".
    • Changed messages with meaningful problem descriptions. Exception stack traces still can be accessed with DEBUG and TRACE logging levels.
  • New methods for sequence management were introduced.
    • FIX session extended with a set of methods for separate set and get session' sequences:
      • FIXSession.setInSeqNum(long)
      • FIXSession.getInSeqNum()
      • FIXSession.setOutSeqNum(long)
      • FIXSession.getOutSeqNum()
  • Improved notification about delivering messages to Kafka in Kafka Adaptor.
    • New implementation notifies about successful delivery only when Kafka confirms such operation. 

Bugs and fixes:

  • CRITICAL. Incorrect serialization of messages, which was taken from the internal message pool.
    • Problem description: Application, which uses prepared messages, under certain circumstances  corrupted messages in the pool .It led to the error and broke the connection.
    • Solution: Logic for management of messages in the pool was fixed.
  • Problem with parsing iLink Session Access Secret Key file, which is used for  CME Secure Logon support.
    • Problem description: File with access keys for iLink created via CME's website was missing  "Environment" entry. Such file caused an error when the adapter was parsing it.
    • Solution: Parsing the iLink Session Access Secret Key was improved and made "Environment" entry optional in this file.
  • Some of JMS and Kafka samples could not be started in Linux.
    • Problem description: Scripts for start samples didn't work due to syntax errors.
    • Solution: Bash scripts for running samples were fixed.
  • NullPointerException in NIO transport.
    • Problem description: If the  Logon(A) message wasn't received after connection established, FIX engine rashed with NullPointerException. The problem was related only to FIX sessions with NIO transport ( useJavaNIO option).
    • Solution: NIO transport was fixed.
  • NullPointerException during acceptor FIX session reconnecting.
  • JMS Adaptor reconnect functionality doesn't work.
    • Problem description: JMS Adaptor failed to restore its producers and consumers clients after the connection to JMS provider is reestablished.  
    • Solution: There was a problem with processing connection errors inside JMS Adaptor. The reconnect logic in JMS Adaptor was fixed.

The complete  Release Notes are available in  Products Knowledge Base.

New FIX Antenna Java version is available to our customers in B2BITS Clients' Space and to anyone for evaluation per request - please direct requests for evaluation to sales@btobits.com.

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