23 February 2021

FIX Antenna C++/.NET 2.28.0 release: ability to load FIX dictionaries in QuickFIX format have been added

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company, is pleased to share the release of version 2.28.0 of FIX Antenna C++ /.NET.

Features and improvements:

  • an option to use QuickFIX formatted dictionaries instead of or in combination with FIX Antenna formatted dictionaries;
  • a dedicated listen port per acceptor session or group of acceptor sessions that allows users to better manage incoming traffic;
  • a user defined field and message delimiter symbol instead of SOH;
  • new options have been added to reset session sequence numbers, Logon handling strategies;
  • extended EchoServer and ConnectToGateway samples to demo the scheduling functionality;
  • the FIX 5.0 SP2 dictionary has been updated with the 258 Extension Pack.

The complete Release Notes are available in Knowledge Base.

For our existing customers, the new versions of FIX Antenna C++/.NET are available for download in the B2BITS client space. For other interested parties, an evaluation of FIX Antenna C++/.NET is available upon request. Please direct requests for evaluation to sales@btobits.com.


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