23 January 2019

FIX Antenna C++/.NET 2.26.0 Release: Introduced new logging system backend Log4cplus and SSL support changes

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company is pleased to announce the release of version 2.26.0 of FIX Antenna C++/.NET.

New version includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Log4cplus introduced as logging system backend for writing logs to a log collector via TCP (See Log4Cplus Usage for details)
  • The new naming scheme specifies the target OS and target C++ ABI
    C++ 98 ABI builds are compatible with GCC 4.4 - 4.9 and above and C++98, 11 modes, C++11 ABI builds are compatible with GCC 5.1 and above and C++98/11/14/17 modes. (See  How to build your application with FIXAntenna C++ on Linux for more information)
  • Updated iLink FIX dictionary for CME 
    • Added NumOrdersInMatchStep(9700) tag
    • Added repeating group for Fill Reason

SSL support changes:

  • FIX Session configuring API improved to support loading SSL certificates of types : pfx files, .pem encoded files, .der - binary encoded files in ASN1 standard. SSL certificates with and without passwords are supported
  • API was extended with the class SSLContextConfigurator for getting certificates and passwords from the user
  • API was extended with SSLContextConfiguratorConverter interface to serialize/deserialize class SSLContextConfigurator to/from string. If user uses custom SSLContextConfiguratorimplementation, user should implement SSLContextConfiguratorConverter in order to avoid information loss
  • SSLRequireClientCertificate property was replaced by  SSLValidatePeerCertificate
  • Settings SSL, SSLCertificatePassword  and SSLPrivateKeyPassword  were introduced
  • SSLCheckPrivateKey property was removed. Correspondence between the key and certificate will be checked automatically. FIX Antenna does not establish session if the key doesn't correspond to the certificate

For more information see:

Fixed critical bugs:

  • AGGRESSIVE* (see SocketOpPriority) SSL FIX session sometimes stops message sending for long time
  • A  flag Q (for queued FIX messages, see OutOfSequenceMessagesStrategy) is not replicated in FIX logs replicator
  • Missing timestamps in session logs after corrupted storage recovery

FIX Antenna C++/.NET Market Data Adapters:

will be removed from the package starting next release. 

Market Data Adapters will be delivered as a separate package to simplify release process, speed up delivery of updates including bug fixes and to improve its integration with customer code.

The complete Release Notes are available in Products Knowledge Base

FIX Antenna C++/.NET versions 2.26.0 are available to our customers in B2BITS client space and to anyone for evaluation on demand - please direct requests for evaluation to sales@btobits.com.

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