20 October 2022

FIX Antenna C++ 2.30.0 release: throttling of outgoing messages was added

B2BITS, EPAM Systems company, is pleased to share the release of version 2.30.0 of FIX Antenna C++ .

New features and improvements:

API changes:

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed the issue with replacing the standard FIXT parser with a custom FIXT parser.
  • Fixed the issue with unexpected SequenceReset(4) message when the 789 tag was present in the Logon message.
  • Fixed the issue when CRON expressions parser could not accept numbers starting from '0' such as '08' or '09'.
  • Fixed the issue when the Admin session was started with logs persistence enabled by default.

The complete Release Notes are available in Knowledge Base.

For our existing customers, the new versions of FIX Antenna C++ are available for download in the B2BITS client space. For other interested parties, an evaluation of FIX Antenna C++ is available upon request. Please direct requests for evaluation to sales@btobits.com.


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