Market fragmentation and regulatory reforms in the US and Europe have created a complex environment for trade reporting. Trade reporting facilities (TRFs) use different protocols to accept trade reports.

We leveraged FIX Antenna technology to create a trade reporting connector for FIX protocol based TRFs. Trading systems can integrate this connector to implement MIFID and Reg NMS compliant practices.

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 Trade reporting connector to FIX protocol

Supported FIX-compliant interfaces

CME ClearPort
  • Supported functionality
    • Security Definition Request processing
    • Derivative Security List Request processing
    • Party Detail List Request processing
    • Party Entitlement Request processing
    • Submit trade to CME ClearPort
    • Request status of submitted trade
  • Messaging interface: FIXML 5.0 SP2
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SGX Clear
  • Supported functionality: submit trade, enquire trade status
  • Messaging interface: FIXML 5.0 SP2
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LCH. Clearnet
  • Supported functionality: Submit trade, Cancel previously entered trade
  • Messaging interface: FIX 4.4

Reporting via Proprietary API

In addition to FIX interfaces, trades can be submitted via APIs of the following reporting venues:

If the above presented solutions do not cover the individual needs of your organization, please contact us at with your specific requirements.