B2BITS® FIX Engines Licensing Models


FIX Antenna Feature

Basic license

Extended license Enterprise/ Site license
#1. Licensing Model
Fee Annual Annual Annual
Scope Per Production application process concurrency limits (up to 10 workers per instance of  library)* Per Production application process concurrency limits  (up to  10 workers per instance of  library)* Site Production machines*
API C++/.NET/Java C++/.NET/Java C++/.NET/Java
#2. Platforms Supported
Windows  Yes Yes Yes
Linux  Yes Yes Yes
Solaris Yes Yes Yes
#3. Supported messaging interfaces & Asset classes
FIX 4.0 - 5.0 (incl. SP1, SP2) Yes Yes Yes
FIXML Support No Yes Yes
FIX/FIXML conversion No Yes Yes
FAST No Yes Yes
Custom FIX fields support No Yes Yes
Asset classes All supported by FIX All supported by FIX All supported by FIX
#4. Session parameters
Number of FIX Sessions Unlimted Unlimited Unlimited
Sessions-initiators Yes Yes Yes
Sessions-acceptors Yes Yes Yes
Standard FIX routing
(OnBehalfOf + DeliverTo)
Yes Yes Yes
Customizable message validation No Yes Yes
Username and password in Logon Yes Yes Yes
Reset sequence number on each Logon (ICE mode) No Yes Yes
Ignore sequence number too low at Logon Yes Yes Yes
#5. Encryption options
Standard FIX encryption methods Yes Yes Yes
SSL Support Yes Yes Yes
Login/password encryption Yes Yes Yes
#6. Reliability
Recovery after failure Yes Yes Yes
Later delivery when connection is not established No Yes Yes
Reject message when connection is not established No Yes Yes
Backup connections No Yes Yes
#7. Performance
Persistent sessions Yes Yes Yes
Transient sessions No Yes Yes
Low latency / High throughput


Yes, all features **

Yes, all features **

#8. Pre-built interfaces to Exchanges, ECNs and other counterparties
Pre-configured to work with various venues No Yes Yes
Market Data Adaptor (CME, Eurex, CQG, MICEX, Bovespa, etc) No Yes Yes
#9. Administration and Operational Tools
Remote administration interface No Yes Yes
FIX Integrated Control Center 1 license Yes, unlimited license Yes, unlimited license
FIX Logs Analyzer No 1 license 1 license
FIX Client Simulator, EchoServer, FAST UDPDump, FIXLogsReplay, OrderAckTCPMonitor and other No 1 license for any tool 1 license for any tool
#10. Support Features
Number of support hours 20 hours 50 hours Unlimited
Business hours/ 24x5/6/7 support Business hours ONLY 24x5 24x6/7
Access to source code*** Via Escrow account Via Escrow account Via Escrow account

For more information on applications with more than 10 workers, OEM license, Global license or if you have specific licensing requirements please contact us at sales@b2bits.com or at +1 (888) 378-0666.