FIX Antenna Feature Basic license Enterprise/ Site license
#1. Licensing Model
Customizable message validation Annual Annual
Scope Per Production machine Per Production site
API C++/.NET/Java C++/.NET/Java
#2. Platforms Supported
#3. Supported messaging interfaces & Asset classes
FIX 4.0 - 5.0 (incl. SP1, SP2)
Google protobuf
FIXML Support
FIX/FIXML conversion
Custom FIX fields support
Asset classes All supported by FIX All supported by FIX
#4. Session parameters
Number of FIX Sessions Unlimited Unlimited
Standard FIX routing
(OnBehalfOf + DeliverTo)
Customizable message validation
Username and password in Logon
Reset sequence number on each Logon (ICE mode)
Ignore sequence number too low at Logon
#5. Encryption options
Standard FIX encryption methods
SSL Support
Login/password encryption
#6. Reliability
Recovery after failure
Later delivery when connection is not established
Reject message when connection is not established
Backup connections
Cluster support  
#7. Performance
Persistent sessions
Transient sessions
Low latency / High throughput

Yes, all features **

Yes, all features **

#8. Pre-built interfaces to Exchanges, ECNs and other counterparties
Pre-configured to work with various venues
#9. Administration and Operational Tools
Remote administration interface
FIX Integrated Control Center Yes, unlimited license Yes, unlimited license
FIX Logs Analyzer 1 license 1 license
FIX Client Simulator, EchoServer 1 license for any tool 1 license for any tool
#10. Support Features
Number of support hours 20 hours Unlimited
Business hours/ 24x5/6/7 support Business hours 24x6/7
Access to source code*** Via Escrow account Via Escrow account

For more information on OEM license, Global license or if you have specific licensing requirements please contact us at or at +1-267-759-9000 ext 2.