FIX Trade Capture Solution (FIXTCap)

Are you looking for a trade capture solution easy to integrate with your internal system? B2BITS' FIX Trade Capture Solution (FIXTCap) is a server application pre-configured to work with various FIX/FIXML/proprietary sources of trade information. FIXTCap design is based on B2BITS' generic server FIXEdge extended with the Trade Capture adaptors. It inherits and leverages all FIXEdge features including easy configuration, administration and monitoring. The process of capturing trades and/or security definitions is fully automated, while all the specifics of the connectivity are completely encapsulated and hidden from the client. In addition, FIXTCap package includes recovery tools, which allow requesting missing trades in case of failures. 

Software escrow is avaiable on demand.

Available Certified Trade Capture Sources:

FIX Trade Capture Solution

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Depending on the Trade Capture Source specifics, the following FIX/FIXML messages are supported:

From FIXTCap to FIX Trade Capture Source:

From FIX Trade Capture Source to FIXTCap:


  • Fully supports the workflow defined by Trade Capture Source
  • Hides all Trade Capture Source specifics from the client
  • Maintains connections to the Trade Capture Source
  • Maintains subscription for trade capture messages, as well as for security definitions
  • Allows filters usage in subscriptions for Trade Capture Source data
  • Inserts trade capture and security definition messages into the client side SQL database
  • Has multiple ways to integrate with internal systems via database, TIB, MQ, JMS and others supported by FIXEdge middleware
  • Leverages FIX Antenna C++ Engine performance
  • Has cluster ready configuration
  • Is extendable and allows attaching more sources for the electronic trades capture
  • Has rich UI for monitoring session statuses and parameters in real time
  • Reports service and sessions states via SNMP and SMTP
  • Operations and tasks are scheduled and fully automated
  • Solution can be hosted from EPAM's Cloud environment

The installation package includes:

The deployment of this solution will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Re-use of a proven and certified technology offering (FIXEdge server)
  • Reduced time to deployment
  • Reduced cost of implementation
  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Lower technical risk for support and maintenance
  • 24x7 support provided worldwide
  • Availability of "on-demand" software escrow

The hosted solution is provided by SDS Financial Technologies.