Performance Lab

About Performance Lab

The B2BITS Performance Lab addresses the market demand for high performance FIX connectivity solutions. It aids clients in comparing performance characteristics of FIX software from various vendors, including open source. Results of benchmark tests for latest versions of the FIX Antenna and FIXEdge are here.

'Upgrade FIX engine' program is available for new clients.

FIX Antenna is equipped with built-in statistic collector to fine-tune software in the target environment. User can dynamically enable FIX Antenna to collect real time performance indicators.

Product Version OS Testing Date Test Results
FIX Antenna C++ 2.11 Linux Jul 24, 2012 View Results Windows 7 Oct 21, 2011 View Results
Linux Oct 21, 2011 View Results
FIX Antenna QF Adaptor 1.0.1 Windows 7 Jan 19, 2011 View Results
FIX Antenna Java 2.12.12 Windows 7 Dec 27, 2014 View Results
FIXEdge 5.2.2 Windows 7 Nov 3, 2010 View Results
CME MDP Handler 4.4.2 Linux CentOS 6.0 Apr 1, 2015 View Results
CME FIX/FAST Market Data Adaptor Windows 7 Jan 14, 2011 View Results
FAST Antenna Codec Windows 7 Sep 20, 2011 View Results
Linux Sep 21, 2011 View Results

Latency & Throughput

Latency and throughput optimization is a challenging task especially when we operate under 100 µs (microseconds) time. The product needs to combine low latency and high throughput characteristics. We believe that FIX libraries should be tuned to optimally address the specific trading requirements. FIX Antenna has several modes of operation to achieve either maximum throughput or lowest latency, or operate in a balanced mode (throughput vs. latency).The tests presented here are performed on standard OS installations. However, we highly recommend tuning the OS and TCP/stack to achieve maximum performance.

Latency Test

The application sends a preset number of FIX messages to the socket, while the receiving application reads FIX messages from the socket. Latency for each message is calculated as time between the message requested to be sent (point of measurement: C++/ Java) and the message appearing in the network (point of measurement: C++/ Java).


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Throughput Test

Throughput is the amount of data transferred from one place to another or processed within a specified period of time. FIX Antenna throughput is a number of message transferred from sender to receiver per second. It is calculated as the number or sent messages divided by the delta between the first and the last message receipt time.


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