FIX Order Entry Interface Module for MetaTrader Server

The FIX order entry interface module for MT4 (FIX interface) enables processing of orders received via the FIX protocol based connection on the MetaTrader (MT4) platform. It also allows subscribing and receiving market data published by MT4. It supports asset classes and order types available in MT4. The FIX Interface comes as a server-side plug-in.

FIX Order Entry Interface Module

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Solution is based on  high performance FIX Antenna C++ Engine. It enables MT4 to process algorithmic trading order flow very efficiently.

Supported FIX 4.4 messages

From FIX destination to MT4 Server:

From MT4 Server to FIX destination:

FIX 4.4 specifications could be found  here. The FIX interface can be configured to work with clients using FIX 4.2 to FIX 5.0 versions of the protocol.


  • Ability to provide liquidity at any MT4 based brokerages via the FIX processing new/cancel/modify orders messages
  • Works as automated dealer for specified groups of users
  • Ability to work in netting or hedging mode
  • FIX client receives position identifier in execution report, which could be used for explicit position closing
  • End-Of-Day processing:
    • EOD reports with resulting status of opened/closed positions and send them to the corresponding FIX sessions
    • Closes expired pending orders
    • Generates Pending orders and Position reports per MT4 Account
  • Sends drop copies of trades to back up/drop copy session
  • Supports Valid Until features
  • Supports Market, Limit and Stop FIX order types
  • Supports all MT4 asset classes and order types
  • Maintains state of the orders/positions
  • Provides real-time buying power control including pending orders
  • Supports automatic position closing at margin call as well as at the end of business day
  • Supports real-time market data feed from MT4
  • Handles all time/session events on both MT4 and FIX sides
  • Leverages  FIX Antenna Engine performance
  • Provides an easy-to-manage-in-production environment
  • Allows accepting multiple FIX sessions
  • Is equipped with rich  UI for monitoring session statuses and parameters in real time
  • 24x7 support provided worldwide