FIX Bridge for MetaTrader

FIX Bridge for MetaTrader (MT4) platform enables MT4 server to send orders and receive trades and market data form FIX-compliant destination such as brokers, exchanges, ATS. MTFIX Bridge allows trading different asset classes, like currency pairs, equities, indexes, futures, options, etc. MTFIX Bridge supports all order types which are available in MetaTrader and allows customization of order types specific to a FIX destination.You can find more information in FIX Bridge FAQs. Solution comes as an MT4 server-side plug-in.

Supported Сonnections

Bridge supports following connections: ADS, Currenex, FXCM, MBT, Lava, LMAX, SAXO, OANDA, AMIFX, CME iLink and CME FAST, SET, PATS (for market data only). FIX Bridge can be configured to work with any FIX-compliant destination.

FIX Bridge For MT4

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Supported FIX messages

From MT4 Server to FIX destination:

From FIX destination to MT4 Server:

FIX specifications could be found here.


  • Works as automated dealer for specified groups of users
  • Supports market execution of the order
  • Supports all MT4 order types (Market, Limit, Stop, etc)
  • Supports Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop, Valid Until orders
  • Emulates Stop order type if it's not supported by ECN
  • Handles all price / time events on MT4 side
  • Acts as an omnibus account: maps multiple accounts on MT4 side to one or several accounts in the external system
  • Provides real-time buying power control including pending orders and executes fat-finger check (according to the configured limits)
  • Supports hedging as well as netting
  • Supports automatic position closing and pending orders canceling at margin calls
  • Supports taking commissions on both ways - open and close position
  • SecurityMaster allows configuring and trading different asset types - currencies, stocks, indexes, futures, options, etc.
  • Custom FIX rules allows customizing outgoing and incoming FIX messages
  • MarketDefinition allows configuring FIX sessions schedule and order types that could be used during each interval
  • Allows automatic creation of new MT4 symbol according to the data from ECN
  • Executes maturity date check for the derivative instruments:
    • Disables trading of the instrument after last trade date;
    • Automatically closes position after last trade date and calculates profit/loss.
  • End-Of-Day processing:
    • Account balance reconciliation (balance adjustment according to back-office report)
    • Deposit/Withdrawal transactions import
    • Positions reporting
  • Automatic orders report (that would be expired on the Exchange) for open MT4 positions
  • Configures additional spreads for the MT4 instruments
  • Supports real-time market data feed from FIX/FAST-compliant destination
  • Leverages FIX Antenna Engine performance
  • Allows multiple FIX sessions
  • Provides an easy-to-manage-in-production environment
  • Installed as a server-side plugin on the MT4 server
  • Is equipped with rich UI for monitoring session statuses and parameters in real time
  • 24x7 support provided worldwide