Common Test Environment

The Test Process establishes two FIX sessions with FIXEdge server. Message flow is as follows:
FIX Session 1 -> FIXEdge server -> FIX Session 2.

Test Process emits 100,000 of messages. It sends new message into Session 1 upon arrival of the message from Session 2 without a delay.

Time is measured as follows: a time span between "before socket send" in Session 1 and "after socket receive" in Session 2.

FIX message:

8=FIX.4.2""\001""9=1""\001""35=D""\001""49=BLP""\001""56=SCHB""\001""34=01""\001""50=30737""\001""97=Y""\001" "52=20000809-20:20:50""\001""11=90001008""\001""1=10030003""\001""21=2""\001""55=TESTA""\001""54=1""\001" "38=4000""\001""40=2""\001""59=0""\001""44=30""\001""47=I""\001""60=20000809-18:20:32""\001""10=000""\001";

Average Results Summary

test setup Latency distribution (transient session) Latency distribution (transient session) Latency distribution (persistent session)