FIX Bridge for MetaTrader

FIX Bridge for MetaTrader (MT4) platform enables MT4 server to send orders and receive trades and market data form FIX-compliant destination such as brokers, exchanges, ATS. It supports asset classes and order types which are available in MetaTrader. FIX Bridge also allows customization of order types specific to a FIX destination. You can find more information in FIX Bridge FAQs. Solution comes as an MT4 server-side plug-in.

FIX Bridge allows establishing connection to multiple FIX-compliant execution venues, as well as collecting market data from multiple FIX-compliant sources simultaneously. Groups of accounts could be structured in a way to route orders to a specified destination.


Supported Сonnections

Bridge supports following connections: ADS, Currenex, FXCM, MBT, Lava, SAXO, OANDA, AMIFX, CME (iLink for order flow and FAST for the market data flow), SET, PATS (MD only). FIX Bridge can be configured to work with any FIX-compliant destination.

FIX Bridge For MT4

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Supported FIX messages

From MT4 Server to FIX destination:

From FIX destination to MT4 Server:

FIX specifications could be found here.


  • Works as automated dealer for specified groups of users
  • Supports all MT4 order types except instant execution
  • Supports Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop, Valid Until features
  • Emulates Stop order type if it's not supported by ECN
  • Handles all price / time events on MT4 side
  • Acts as an omnibus account: maps multiple accounts on MT4 side to one or several accounts in the external system
  • Provides real-time buying power control including pending orders
  • Supports hedging as well as netting
  • Supports automatic position closing and pending orders canceling at margin calls
  • Supports taking commissions on both ways - open and close position
  • End-Of-Day processing:
    • Account balance reconciliation (balance adjustment according to back-office report)
    • Deposit/Withdrawal transactions import
    • Positions reporting
  • Automatic orders report (that would be expired on the Exchange) for open MT4 positions
  • Configures spreads for the MT4 instruments
  • Supports real-time market data feed from FIX/FAST-compliant destination
  • Leverages FIX Antenna Engine performance
  • Allows accepting multiple FIX sessions
  • Provides an easy-to-manage-in-production environment
  • Is equipped with rich UI for monitoring session statuses and parameters in real time
  • 24x7 support provided worldwide