Significant Developments in B2BITS’ History

2000 - 2001

  • Founded in 2000 focusing on FIX services, employing highly experienced top-tier technologists, architects and developers with in-depth FIX knowledge and skills.
  • Revolutionized the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol sector when, in 2000, the company released an open source version of its first FIX engine - FIX Antenna Java FIX engine.
  • Developed FIX-based OMS, Routing Hubs and EMS, which were successfully implemented at a number of exchanges, sell and buy side organizations, as well as ASPs, including JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, London Stock Exchange, and ABN AMRO.
  • In 2001, began to commercialize the next versions of its initial FIX engine technologies with Merrill Lynch and others contributing with maintenance and enhancement services.

2002 - 2003

  • Opened offices in London. Developed C++ FIX library.
  • Developed OMS Lite.
  • Introduced one of the world's most popular sources for information about FIX - FIXopaedia.
  • In 2003, developed the first generation of test and certification tools implemented at Citibank. Initiated consulting services practice.
  • Additionally, in 2003, B2BITS signed a partnership with Sun Microsystems to develop FIXEdge - an application server providing FIX connectivity to multiple clients. This was the first partnership in the industry supported by a major computer hardware company. FIXEdge integrated FIX software with an operating system into a configurable, fault-tolerant hardware/software solution. The product was marketed and sold to financial institutions by Sun.

2004 - 2007

  • In 2004, became one of four official certification vendors endorsed by FIX Protocol Ltd., the official FIX standard setting organization.
  • Licensed FIX libraries and provided maintenance and support to ABN AMRO worldwide.
  • In 2005, started providing FIX integration services to JP Morgan Chase for exchange connectivity and IOI, as well as Refco major routing hub to connect to 15 global futures exchanges.
  • In 2006, developed a new version of FIXEdge.
  • Implemented FIXEdge for several brokerage houses.
  • Implemented FIX Antenna C++ for SUNGARD U2 product. Developed an extensive set of tools for FIXML to FIX conversions on different platforms, which were used in different customers' projects.
  • In 2007, created a set of FIX tools and services in .NET.
  • Implemented FIX based interfaces to market data to LME.
  • Developed and implemented a generic interface from Excel to FIX protocol.
  • Provided sophisticated FIX integration solutions to major buy side institutions to access fragmented marketplaces.


  • Completely rewrote FIX Antenna Java library to meet the demand for speed from major clients like Knight Securities, bonds trading.
  • Created a new generation test and certification tools - FACTS and STAFF frameworks.
  • Worked on a variety of interfaces to multiple FIX destinations worldwide.
  • Integrated multiple FIX interfaces for Metaquotes worldwide.
  • Joined forces with EPAM Systems, the leading software engineering and IT Outsourcing provider in Central and Eastern Europe. Operating as EPAM's Capital Markets Competency Center, B2BITS' powerful FIX family of products and services was extended with a comprehensive worldwide service delivery capability.
  • EPAM optimized the customer support options to cover 24x7 SLAs.
  • Created FIX routing hub to options exchanges for SDS Technologies (Options Express).
  • Implemented FIX interface for a major clearing house in London, developed testing scripts for clients on-boarding.
  • Worked with clients on optimization of FIX connectivity to reduce latency.


  • Built a FIX compliant market data solution for a Russian stock exchange to distribute data via FIX and FAST.
  • Extended services to energy companies in the post-trading space.
  • Underwent certification as a vendor of services and integrator with ICE and CME.
  • Created FIX routing hub to 80+ destinations for a market maker on the equity market in US, provided automated on-boarding support and services.


  • Released improved versions of the FIX Antenna libraries to address demand for high frequency trading.
  • Added access to 10 new markets worldwide.
  • Implemented a FIX compliant transactional gateway for the MICEX